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Understand this. An Introduction to Bondage Tape

Understand this. An Introduction to Bondage Tape

Bondage tape is just one of the minimum daunting pieces in bondage play. A colourful and comfortable option to rope, steel cuffs, or tight fabric. Tape is totally harmless and simple to apply, yet it may attain what other more specific bondage pieces offer!

Why Bondage Tape?

Bondage tape is wholly safe. Being skin and hair friendly, tape makes clearing up fast and stress free. Whenever using the tape, interaction prevents the possibility of tape being pulled too loose or tight. Bondage tape is simple to have inside and outside of, just requiring a little bit of unwrapping or one snip from a couple of scissors.

Bondage tape may be used as much restraints that are different. Make use of bondage tape being a wrist discipline, ankle discipline, blindfold, lips gag, and on occasion even a body restraints (mummification). just How you employ the discipline is just restricted to your imagination. Due to its size, you can easily mix and match restraints and sometimes even integrate its use together with your favourite piece of furniture.

Bondage tape may even be applied once more and again! That is however, determined by just how to put it to use. Wrapping bondage tape with reduced kinks or twists can assist users whom’d love to re roll and employ it once again. The tape is all ripped, twisted and wet if you find at the end of a session. Don’t be concerned! A roll of bondage tape has a great amount of individual uses within it.

Tape additionally just isn’t tied to sizing! The main disimilarity in tape dimensions may be the width. Bondage tapes with bigger width can be used to bind a lot more of your body or even make garments.

Tape may also be used to make the many tempting attire. Wrapping tape to cover up your many areas that are private have your partner fuelled with undisguised lust.

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